Fido's Nest | Introducing Colin Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Fido's Nest Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Colin

Pack Profile
AKA: Baby Boy, Special Boy, Monkey
Colin the 10-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the inspiration behind the Fido’s Nest brand.
Being a short-hair breed with a bald tummy, Colin is prone to skin irritation and all sorts of allergies. Colin puts his bed through its paces, as he digs, scratches, and rearranges it, daily. Over a year into the prototype bed, it’s yet to be destroyed – and his claws are brutal!
Some would say, Fido’s Nest pet beds have received the Colipops seal of approval.
When he’s not sleeping, Colin takes his position as the office comedian. Often wriggling on his back for attention in the form of a tummy-scratch. A bit of charmer, he never fails to win people over, even those who have a negative view of his breed.
After all, who wouldn’t love a dog whose tongue flops out for most of the day?
Want to keep up to date with Colin's antics? Find him on Instagram @colcolkane for regular pupdates.

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