Fido's Nest | Introducing Ernie Gherkin Our Jack Russell Terrier

 Fido's Nest Jack Russell, Ernie Gherkin

Pack Profile
Ernie Gherkin
AKA: Gherks, Gherkin, Munchkin, Lone Wolf

Ernie the Jack Russell Terrier is the self-appointed CEO of Fido's Nest.
Rescued over a decade ago by Fido's Nest founder, Becky, Gherks’ age, former name and previous life is all a bit of a mystery. Ernie and Becky have remained side-by-side, through thick and thin, ever since he was found, abandoned, during the heavy snowfall of 2009.
Not a fan of male-type humanoids, or people in general, the duo’s bond truly is something special.
Daily life is led very much on Ernie’s terms. He doesn’t like to be petted, either. That is, unless you have poultry in-hand, then he’ll be your best friend for just as long as it takes to say winner-winner-chicken-dinner.
Want to keep up to date with Ernie's antics? Find him on Instagram @erniegherkin for regular pupdates.

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