Fido's Nest | Introducing - Colin Kane, Pawduct Development Manager at Fido's Nest

Colin, also known as Colcol Pups, Baby Boy, Monkey and Special Boy, is Fido's Nest ten-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Colin is the inspiration behind the Fido's Nest brand. Being a short hair breed with a bald tummy, Colin is prone to skin irritation and allergies. In searching for a hypoallergenic dog bed to ease his conditions, we were surprised to see what was being marketed as hypoallergenic. The materials were not something we want in our home as many of the hypoallergenic dog beds have very poor eco credentials. In the absence of a suitable bed for Colin, we put our heads together, did some research, made some prototypes and Fido's Nest was born. 

Colin puts his Fido's Nest bed through its paces, digging, scratching and rearranging it daily. Over a year into the prototype bed, he's yet to destroy it... and his claws are brutal!

Colin spends his day acting as the office comedian when he's not sleeping. Often wriggling on his back for attention and a tummy scratch. Colin always wins over people who have a negative view of his breed. Who wouldn't love a dog whose tongue sticks out for most of the day.

Want to keep up to date with Colin's antics? Find him on Instagram @colcolkane for regular pupdates.


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