Fido's Nest | Introducing - Ernie Gherkin, CEO of Fido's Nest

Self-appointed CEO of Fido's Nest, Ernie is a Jack Russell Terrier, rescued ten years ago by Fido's Nest founder Becky. Ernie's age, former name and previous life is all a mystery. Ernie was found abandoned during the extremely heavy snow fall of 2008. He was a young adult, so we think he is roughly ten years old.

Ernie and Becky have been side by side, through thick and thin ever since finding one another. Other than Becky, Ernie doesn't really like people, especially those male types. He doesn't like to be petted and life is led very much on Ernie's terms... unless you have some chicken in hand then he'll be your best friend for a nanosecond.


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