About Us

Why another range of dog beds and do we really need another brand out there?

A year ago I wouldn’t have thought so either and I couldn’t have imagined the journey I would embark on trying to find a hypo-allergenic dog bed for my allergy prone Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It was time to replace the dog bed and I thought I’d pick something hypo-allergenic for Colin (my Staffie).

I have hypo-allergenic bedding myself to help reduce allergic reactions, so it made sense that my dog should too, but what I found advertised as hypo-allergenic just didn’t work for me.

I didn’t want my boy sleeping on recycled plastic and I don’t want latex or memory foam in my home, full stop – see my blog post about plastics and you’ll understand my problem with those materials.

Having been on this journey already with my own bedding, I knew what I was looking for, but it just wasn’t out there. I needed to create the kind of product I wanted for myself!

A year in the making but finally Colin and Ernie, my two dogs, and I have come up with what we think is the winning formula.

Knowing that synthetic materials like polyester release harmful microfibers when they're washed, only a demin strength cotton was going to work for the cover of all our designs.

We chose to use natural silk for the inner cushions, but silk is a very dense fiber and our first prototypes were really thin. There wasn't enough #nestfactor going on. After a lot of experimenting and testing inspiration hit and we added cotton mixed with the silk to create plumper, more luxurious cushions.

With this simple formula, Fido's Nest was born.