About us

So this is the section where we sell ourselves. Where we wow you with our previous career, our ingenuity and our design credentials. This is where we spin some interior design jargon at you to justify the luxury price tag and convince you that Cesar Millan could learn a trick or two from us. Well, we’re not going to do that. The plain and simple truth is at Fido’s Nest, we love dogs, we love sleep and we love the environment.

We believe in affordable luxury, interior style and conscious consumerism. We love all dogs, they are awesome, but you will not find the latest trending designer breeds on our site. We host a mutely crew of exceptional dogs. Their stories are remarkable, the relationship with their human inspiring and we find it a privilege to work with each one.

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives and we want to thank them the best way we can, that is why at Fido’s Nest we are caring for your creature’s comfort!