Meet The Pack

At the heart of Fido’s Nest we have Colin our Staffordshire Bull Terrier and inspiration behind the brand.

Colin is our special boy. He opens doors with his head, has no sense of personal space and thinks he’s a 25 kilo lap dog.

Colin looks pretty tough. People are often very wary of him as his breed has a bit of a bad reputation but old Colin is a softy. He hates thunder, is terrified of those horrible fireworks and sometimes just rain can be a bit scary. Colin has a few quirks! Life is not all bad though, Colin spends his day in the constant pursuit of the comfiest, warmest spot. Wherever the sun is shining, you will find Colin... Usually with his tongue sticking out.

Ernie Gherkin is our grumpy little Jack Russell.

Named after a childhood toy, Ernie was rescued believe it or not, from a rescue centre! But that’s another story... Ernie has been Becky’s shadow, boss and love for over ten years now. He has been the greatest support, helping Becky overcome sudden widowhood five years ago. His persistence, tenaciousness and comedy kept her on track during these dark days. For all the love and support he is capable of, don’t ever expect Ernie to be your friend. He doesn’t really like people, especially those male types, but we forgive him this as we suspected his early experiences of people were quite unpleasant. Ernie doesn’t entertain mornings, he generally nests until lunchtime. He then becomes increasingly active throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to play ball at 10pm?

Becky is the founder and general dogs body of Fido’s Nest. Before establishing Fido’s Nest Becky was running another Ecommerce business with her partner Robbie selling musical instruments. After Robbie’s sudden death in an accident, Becky continued to run his business and even established the very successful brand called Jericho Horns.

Not being a musician and needing to move on and reinvent herself, Becky closed the business had a break and re-emerged with something much more ‘Becky’. With a love of fabric, previous experience working on mapping diseases spread by parasites (Becky’s older brother is a world leading professor in this field - handy), a long career working in the charitable sector and an absolute love of dogs, a business combining this experience was the natural path. The result, parasite resistant dog beds made from beautiful environementally friendly fabrics and the brilliant excuse to look at photos of dogs all day. Perfect!

But Fido’s Nest isn’t just Colin, Ernie and Becky. Our pack is growing and we will be introducing each of our fabulous team from Becca our blogger and Lorlei our designer, to Olive and Enzo our doggie models to Charlie Big Ears and Harley Bear our ambassadors. The model and ambassador team is growing month on month. Expect this to be a busy page.

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